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In this podcast episode, I'm discussing with you the revolutionary and pioneering concept of The Multidimensional Shadow in relation to a new webinar I have created - the Multidimensional Shadow - which you can purchase through The Phoenix Stargate Mystery School. Details below.

In this episode of the Disruptive Consciousness podcast, I'm discussing the revolutionary concept of The Multidimensional Shadow - a concept I am pioneering through Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness.

This is to give you more information about the Multidimensional Shadow Webinar that I have created which you can find out more about here:

🖤 https://mysteryschool.phoenixstargate.com/products/the-multidimensional-shadow

This is a concept that I have been channeling a lot of information on.


Known as The Queen of Shadow and the "go to" person for shadow with my clients, I help people understand the *truth* about the Shadow in a way that no other can.

Shadow is my realm.

It is a concept that is entirely revolutionary when it comes to playing with the energetics of the Shadow at the *actual energetic root* - which is always, always, always Multidimensional - and as such it is a concept that blows apart Shadow Work and other Shadow Work methods such as Shadow Alchemy or Shadow Archetypes.

How so?!

Because Shadow Work methods do not understand that the Shadow is Multidimensional.That it exists multidimensionally in all Space, Time & Dimensions and therefore the root of your Shadow will never be found in this lifetime.

This is a revolutionary concept - the Multidimensional Shadow Consciousness - that I am pioneering as a Shamanic High Priestess.

It is integral to the sacred work I am doing on Earth right now and it is a revolutionary concept that I am bringing to more and more people in order to help them *actually* transform the Shadow at the root.

In my world, we play with Shadow. We play with the energetics of the Shadow. We play with Multidimensionality. We play with Astrology.

The Shadow is an energetic glitch. It creates disharmony within our Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual Bodies.

Therefore, if you *truly* want to liberate yourself from the Shadow, you need to play with the energetics of the Shadow at the root - the Multidimensional Root.

I have used the Multidimensional Shadow tool with myself and my clients to drastically revolutionize lives by accessing, activating and alchemizing the Shadow at the root.

No dragging time out with boring as fuck Shadow Work methods. Or trying to understand which Shadow Archetype is talking to you.

This creates codependency. And we don't do codependency in my world.

I empower you to transform the Multidimensional Shadow yourself - at the energetic root - which creates an energetic tsunami effect in all areas of your life.

Shadow Work methods - including the Shadow Archetypes - are old, outdated energy.

If you wish to understand this concept more about the Multidimensional Shadow and gain access to knowledge that is not available anywhere else on Earth right now - including how to actually transform the Multidimensional Shadow - then check out my 2 hour Multidimensional Shadow Webinar here:

🖤 https://mysteryschool.phoenixstargate.com/products/the-multidimensional-shadow

In this 2 hour webinar, I am sharing with you the exact way to uncover *your* own Energetic Theme for the Multidimensional Shadow, how to work with the energetics of the Multidimensional Shadow and how to really transform it at the root.

You will also gain access to 3 additional bonus videos and an ebook I have created about the Multidimensional Shadow.

You can choose to either pay in full for the webinar or spread payments out across 2 months.

Full details are here:

🖤 https://mysteryschool.phoenixstargate.com/products/the-multidimensional-shadow


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