| 29 | Why Is Heyoka Energy So Activating To The Shadow?

Quote from Leanne Juliette - "If you don't like the reflection you see in the mirror, then don't look in the fucking mirror!" - which sums up why Heyoka Energy is so activating to the Shadow!


"If you don't like the reflection you see in the mirror...then don't look in the fucking mirror".

These were my words to a journalist I was chatting with last night who was interviewing me about my sacred work and what it means to be a Shamanic High Priestess.

I was describing my Heyoka energy - the powerful Mirror energy I use to facilitate rapid and revolutionary change within someone.

The term "Heyoka" comes from the Native Americans - meaning "sacred clown" - which is very true! Now, some people get their knickers in a twist saying "well if you're not Native American then you can't call yourself a Heyoka" - but that's the Shadow talking.

The term Heyoka (or sacred clown) perfectly describes rare people like me who use humour and backwards perspectives to mirror someone's shadow back at them.

People either love me or loathe me - based on the Shadow energy I activate within them - using Heyoka energy - and my ability to see Shadow Energy - to reflect back to them both the deepest darkest aspects of their psyche and their Divine Truth.

"I bet some people are intimidated by you", she asked.

Yes...yes they are. LOL.


Because of what I mirror to them as both a Heyoka & a Shamanic High Priestess plus my unique ability to pull the shadow to the surface in an instant and quash it.

I command a powerful energetic presence from those who choose to enter my energy.

That is to either level up within yourself to be able to handle the Mirror being reflected back at you through a Heyoka which commands you step into a higher truth within yourself - or you leave.

Those are the options I give people who choose to enter the Underworld with me and face their Multidimensional Shadow head on.

This is the gift of a Heyoka - to activate the deepest, most powerful transformation within you.


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