Welcome, Soul-Quester.

Seeker of the New.

Seeker of Truth, of liberation and the remembrance of who you are.

Disruptive Consciousness is here. Truth Consciousness.

Awaken, activate & accelerate your own Revolutionary Transformation and reclaim your Divine Truth as an Infinite Being of Source Consciousness.

Leanne Juliette is a Disruptive Spiritual Revolutionary, Galactic Channel & Entrepreneur. Known as a Royal Shamanic High Priestess, her Divine Work as a Mentor, Guide, Speaker, Writer & Creator is to awaken you to your Infinite Truth within the Multiverse.

To be the Catalyst & Activator who creates massive change within you.

To disrupt your psyche.

She is a Channel for Truth Consciousness. A Futuristic Time-Traveller who transcends reality to travel through Space, Time & Dimensions to collect - and deliver - the most potent (and disruptive) Truth out there through the Energetics of Death, Chaos & Destruction in order to dis-spell & dismantle illusion to bring about Truth. Always Truth.

Her work is focussed around Shadow, Energetics, Multidimensionality, Consciousness, Astrology & Entrepreneurship. Visit https://www.leannejuliette.com.

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